Fair Or Unfair?!

To all my friends here, Kindy share your opinions on what i have encountered through a contest in one of the freelancing sites.

A contest i have won since more than 45 days. The holder chose me as a winner. The site, announced and sent me an email, congratulations you are the winner, then have to transfer the file to be viewed to the holder.

First have to sign the hand over agreement. I did sign. The holder did not sign since February 21 till now. No prize will be released till he signs and views the file. Till now he did not sign or come on line. This was the response of the site when i contacted and they sent him multiple emails.

After a long suffering, they told me if i agree on unpicking me as a winner and to distribute the prize among the qulaified entries. I asked what is meant by only the qualified?? I asked also, does this mean that i might not be given any value and it could be given to the others??!! They said only the qualified and no clear answer given to my question. I agreed on unpicking to be given a part of the prize. Yesterday, they told when i asked, i might not be given any money and it depends on system whether i am qualified or not?

What kind of service they are offering do you think in this site? In my opinion, this is a clear oppression came on me. I did an effort, i was chosen as a winner, i agreed to be unpicked to distribute the prize since we can not reach the holder, and finally i might not be given any money.

I am still waiting for their mail till now.

Your comments here will be highly appreciated because i am very disappointed since yesterday and very very very hurt.

By minametry84

I like writing about news and the things which reflect and represent our daily life.


  1. I can understand that you’re disappointed, particularly when you were chosen as the winner. However, try to move past it. Keep writing and sharing. Do it for the love of it and the benefits, monetary or otherwise, will follow. 🙏

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    1. That contest was not about writing Miriam.
      It was about computer skills i have 12 years experience on. It was a form i designed on excel for a client on the site. I am really hurt because of their way they used with me.
      Can you comment on this part, is this a right for them to give me and perhaps they do not give any part of the prize, specially i am the winner?


      1. You know? Some times people think that i am here only to get benefit from my friends here and only to offer my services and experiences.
        This is not true, i am just offering them my services because they are my frineds and supporting each others.
        If one day they are offering the same and i need, sure i will ask them to do a work for me and pay them as per agreement.
        Am i right or wrong do you think? because i offered you my second skill on line?


  2. I fear you were taken advantage of. You might look into where the contest came from but you are being treated unfairly from what you have said. I won a couple of contests years ago and some were not good. Some did not pay!
    There are many tricks online. I hope you didn’t pay to enter the contest!
    Be careful and please do not let those cheaters ruin your feelings. It is hard to understand being cheated by others when you are an honest person. If you can ask others who have the same talents as you do, they might have experiences like yours?
    I wish I could help more. Good luck.

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      1. Oh, thanks for sharing this Susan, i will go there to make it fit. Just i liked the backgorund i put there, it is for Virgin St. Mary Monastery and it is near by my home where i live in a village. It is the place wehere The holy Family (Jesus, St. Mary his mother and St. Joseph) stayed here 6 moths and 9 days.
        We are very blessed because we are living very near by this monastery.
        It is only away from me almost 100 meters

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    1. Thanks for your deep reading and comment.
      No they are not cheaters, it is a very popular site with more than 50 millions users.
      They are bringing the clients and the clients verify payment 1st before the contest.
      The holder can not return his payment after he has chosen a winner.
      You will get your payment any way.
      The problem as i mentioned was in the site and their rules.
      The holder did not sign and it is not my problem he has not been answering them 45 days ago.
      So, they should give me my right that is all

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    1. I did my best chatting to a manger yesterday for 40 minutes, finally she said we have to wait the system if you will be given a part of the prize or not, and not sure if i am qulaified to the conest or not it depends on system to choose also. Oh my god how sadness i feel since yesterday, i was chosen a winner and perhaps not given even a part of the prize
      Oh my God!!

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  3. I understand your disappointment. So sorry you are experiencing this. I do feel that you should try your best to let it go. Better things will come. You work very well and good things will happen for you my friend.❤️

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  4. Ah, I cannot stand such things as this and am truly sorry you have experienced it! You did all you could in the face of poor communication and I hope that all is sorted out to satisfaction soon. ❤

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